Take Blacktown Removal expert advice before moving in the rain!

Moving on a rainy day is much more difficult than on a bright, sunny day. Our professional removalists at Blacktown are aware of how uncertain Sydney weather can be and how messy things get when moving in the wet weather. Despite the rainy weather seems to be amazing and enjoyable but it brings worry to people that their belongings can get wet.

You can’t move on a bad weather day by yourself as you do not know how to manage your belongings or the rain. We understand every circumstance that might come while moving and thus, hiring a removal company is necessary to deal with the problems for a simple and smooth move. 

Our Sydney removalists have assisted many people, families and businesses with house moves in the rainfall. This is the reason we decided to compile this article with the best advice for relocating in the bad weather!

Choose your moving date wisely in the monsoon!

In Sydney, February to June is the monsoon season, the rainfall being high in June. Being alert about the weather forecast can keep your further plans going well and also keeping up with reports is also part of your preparation. Compare the weather predictions from two to three sources so that there is no confusion for you. 

If you have a clear view of the weather, you can choose your date and time for relocation. You can also discuss your queries with the removal company as they have experience in moving in the rain so it will not be a big problem if there is rainfall on your day of the move. 

In this manner, you will be able to get ready far in advance of the big day if any additional preparations or plans are necessary.

Tips for moving while raining!

Hire a reliable moving company

Since there is a greater chance of items being damaged during the rainy season, it is important to hire a reputable and reliable moving company with the necessary expertise and understanding.

Planning in advance: Traffic problems during monsoon season might cause delays in getting your belongings to the new place. It is advised to schedule and plan your relocation ahead of time to compensate for potential delays.

Protect belongings: It is obvious that you have to protect your possessions and keep them dry as you can. This will reduce the risk of things incurring water damage. You will save time by protecting your belongings.  We advise using plastic covers, sheets, and closed boxes as items will stay dry and protected throughout the entire relocation procedure. These measures will also keep mattresses dry and will protect furniture.

  • Mattresses: Mattresses can not get to their normal condition if they get wet. Moisture in your mattress can ruin your bedding completely and you will have no other option instead of discarding it. Thus, your mattress needs to be entirely dry and well-protected from water. Pack your bedding with special diligence and invest in a special mattress bag, mattress pads, or other suitable protective products.
  • Electronics: Electronic gadgets can sustain significant harm from water. If you’re moving a TV, refrigerator, dryer, or any other delicate electricals in the rain, you have to protect them so that they do not get wet.

You should pack them in their original boxes or boxes of the same size, give them enough wrapping and padding, tighten the openings, and cover them in moving blankets and high-quality plastic covers to keep them dry and secure throughout the entire move.

Cover floors: The flooring gets wet and therefore can lead to slipping due to the constant rain and moist climate. In order to prevent trips and falls that could result in damaged goods, it is advisable to cover the flooring with enough cardboard sheets or mats.

Unpack and then pack: If you do have items in cardboard boxes, quickly unpack them and again pack them while it is heavy raining. Rainwater can easily soak into cardboard boxes, damaging the belongings without your knowledge.

Driving cautiously: If you are moving yourself then you have to be very careful. You are driving a piled-high vehicle that is loaded with belongings. Be cautious when turning and go slowly without any rush. Being fast sometimes can also lead to delays.  You will have one less thing to worry about if you use Blacktown Removals because they have the expertise to carry out moves in rain. 

Save yourself: There are many diseases that are associated with the monsoon season, thus take care of yourself while moving. Wear a raincoat and working gloves to keep yourself warm and dry and away from sickness.

Put your faith in our crew of knowledgeable House Painters to realise your ideas. To ensure that your property appears its best, we employ the most up-to-date methods and supplies.

How to relocate the furniture in the rain?

Furniture is prone to water and moisture and requires some extra precautions while moving in the rain. Water on the furniture can damage prized possessions. Therefore extra care and packing are needed for it. 

Long-term moisture exposure will cause wood furniture to begin to rot. In addition, wetness will ruin the wood’s soft polish and leave unsightly spots on the surface. Even the wood itself may distort or swell due to excessive moisture. Some more sensitive wooden objects might be entirely destroyed.

If not covered, your expensive furniture will get wet and may get severely discoloured or distorted. Particularly leather may experience permanent harm and metal parts may rust and erode.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Wrap every item of furniture in heavy-duty blankets and use plastic (shrink or bubble) wrap.
  • Larger pieces of furniture should be disassembled and packed separately.
  • When transporting the furniture out of your place and into the moving vehicle, use a tarpaulin to add an additional layer of safety.
  • Don’t place the pieces of furniture on wet surfaces.
  • You can take off extra coverings after the furniture has been stacked and loaded. 

On the day of your move, rain is a serious hindrance. But you won’t need to be concerned if you hire Blacktown Removals. To make your move go smoothly, we are professionals at overcoming a variety of hurdles.

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