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Choosing the right removalist for your house is no less than a wrestling match. Amazing thing is that the google search automatically gives you the preferred search option of “Removalist Near Me” when you’re scrolling your phone screen searching for the right removalist for the job. Blacktown removalist is coming on thousands of such google searches as a trusted local removalist over the years. So, if you live anywhere in NSW and want to be treated special, Blacktown Removals should be your only option while looking for a “removalist Near Me.” To book your move, call 02 7251 9477 right now or fill up this simple form.

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Blacktown Removals| Removalist Near Me | Why Choose Us?

Since moving is such a daunting and challenging task, you should be able to trust your removalist. If not with your belongings, then at least with the service they provide. Use these tips and suggestions on how to pick a reputable and affordable company and avoid any hassles or problems when moving home in Sydney:

1. Ask around: Talk with friends, family or co-workers who recently moved. Chances are one of them already dealt with a removals company; ask for their recommendations!

2. Get quotes from different companies: By speaking with at least three professional removal companies (you can find them here), you will get an idea of their services, prices and special deals if available.

Blacktown Removals Ensure 100% safe move

It’s easy to trust a moving company with your personal belongings, but more importantly, you want a mover who will care for them as though they were their own. You don’t have to go it alone – Blacktown Removals will help you navigate your move from start to finish and ensure that nothing is left behind. Book today by calling us at 02 8091 1875 or visit our website for more information. You can also see our previous work on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Competitive & Quick Removalist in Sydney – Blacktown Removals

Blacktown Removals – your local removal company is here to help! You can always expect competitive prices, quality service and quick removalist in Sydney . Receive same day quotes now. With Blacktown Removals you can rest assured that your belongings will be transported safely using modern moving techniques and equipment. All our staff are hard working, professional, friendly and take pride in their work. So if you’re looking for a reliable removalist in Sydney who won’t overcharge then Blacktown Removals is here for you.

Packing, unpacking and shrink-wrapping

We also provide a comprehensive house packing and unpacking service, which includes disassembling and reassembling your furniture for you, for an end-to-end flawless transfer.

Furthermore, with our professional bubble wrapping, you may have complete peace of mind about the safety of your items. We will secure your valuables with industrial strength bubble wrap for a charge, providing the best level of protection available.

Blacktown Removals- Removalist Near Me – Our Moves

1 Man and a Small Truck

No better option to get the value of your money back. You will get a highly experienced truck driver and a 4.5 ton truck with lifter. Perfect for small apartment moves. Kindly avoid it if you have big and heavy items to move because such a move requires heavy help. The professional will be coming with all the tools of trade required for the job. So in case you need help with assembling and disassembling your washing machine and hydraulics beds just let us know and at the time of booking.

In case you have some more questions that you’re doubtful about please contact us for the best advice and pricing.

2 Men and a Small Truck

We are convinced that you will not find a better deal.

Perfect choice for:

You’ll get two expert movers and a 4.5-ton truck that’s big enough for most two-bedroom relocation. For removals of up to two bedrooms, Blacktown Removals recommends small trucks with a capacity of 15-20m3. Our trucks are ideal for houses in the city and suburbs with limited access or small streets. For workplace transfers with up to six employees, our two experienced movers and a compact truck package is ideal.

We promise 2 bedroom basic relocation in one load with our compact truck and two removalists unless there are undeclared extra things in the garage/garden/balcony.

A modest studio or one bedroom apartment is best for a little heavier relocation. We’ll make things a lot easier for you with the help of one of our highly trained movers and a 4.5 tonne truck, and we’ll get you settled into your new bedroom or studio in no time. Blacktown Removals will take care of everything, even the cost, as they have one of the most reasonable rates in the area.

No Drama with No Hidden Charges

In other words, THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES. Many of our competitors claim low prices while slapping on a slew of additional fees, such as a back to base charge, fuel levies, kilometer levies, stair levies, and anything else comes to mind.


This is what you get:

  • 2 hour minimum – Rates are billed in half-hour (30 minute) increments; charges are door-to-door – from the original pick-up spot to the final drop-off location
  • If the destination is on a toll road or highway, additional fees may apply.
  • Customer needs to assure the adequate space on the property and the street
  • A third man can be added for $25.00 per hour. – Shrink wrap and heavy duty blankets are used for packaging.