The British Columbia Teachers` Federation (BCTF) has reached a new collective agreement for the year 2020. This agreement is the outcome of negotiations between the union and the British Columbia government and includes several changes that would benefit teachers in the province.

One of the significant highlights of the agreement is the salary increase that teachers would receive. Under the new agreement, teachers would receive a 2% salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2019, and an additional 2% increase effective July 1, 2020. This increase is higher than the inflation rate and would help teachers keep up with the cost of living.

Another important change in the agreement is the increase in class size and composition limits. The government has committed to investing $330 million over three years to hire more teachers and reduce class sizes. This investment would ensure that students receive more personalized attention, and teachers have more support in the classroom.

The agreement also includes provisions for improving teachers` working conditions. For instance, teachers would receive more preparation time, and there would be more resources available to support their professional development. Additionally, the agreement would improve the job security of teachers on call, ensuring that they have regular opportunities for work.

Furthermore, the agreement also addresses issues related to Indigenous education. There would be a focus on incorporating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into the curriculum, and more efforts would be made to recruit and retain Indigenous teachers.

In conclusion, the new collective agreement reached between the BCTF and the British Columbia government is a significant step towards improving the education system in the province. With the salary increase, smaller class sizes, better working conditions, and a stronger focus on Indigenous education, teachers would be more motivated to provide quality education to their students. This agreement demonstrates the government`s commitment to supporting the education sector and the crucial role that teachers play in shaping the future of British Columbia.